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This machine is property of the Computer Science and Informatics Departments of Indiana University Southeast and is maintained by rfinkbin AT ius DOT edu.

J O B s:::

  • Humana offers several IT internships each summer and they are seeking interested IU Southeast candidates. Candidates cannot wait until Spring to apply – they need to act now. Please contact Lynn Prinz (812) 941-2265 at the IUS Career Development Center.
  • UPS has a quite a number of positions open. Please check and apply online at UPSJobs.

N E W S:::

  • Dr. Lang of mathematics is giving a talk on drawing mathematical diagrams in Latex/PostScript.

R E S E A R C H:::

  • If you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in any field in order to better compete in the professional world, you need to consider presenting a paper at the Indiana University Undergraduate Research Conference. It allows you to have an “AUTHOR” section on your resume!!!

O F ___ I N T E R E S T:::