CSCI P445 Capstone Design Fall 2017

Instructor:: RB Finkbine, Ph.D.

TL is Team Lead and WC is web contact

Note : TL is Team Lead and W is web developer



Project Description

Team KNG

Nate Bowers (TL)

Kris O’Bryan

Greg Mattingly (W)

We are helping a non-profit organization that is in need of a database and reporting system in tracking investigations of abused children.

Team ZED

Jeremy Johnson (TL)

Hunter French

Furhad Amiri (W)

We are developing a creative workout training application that will be educational, and an effective way for users to fulfill their desires to become physically stronger and healthier.

Team 42

Andrew Grider (TL)

Cody Morphis (W)

James Oglesby

We are creating a children's mobile game based on the song "Three Kids in a Car", to promote educational music (revenue goes to Harvard).

Team LER

LaRome Dickerson (TL)

Ryan Gosling (W)

Eric Schulze

Team LER will be creating a reusable trivia game framework for APH using Amazon Alexa technology.

Team MGN

Joseph Olin (TL)

Michael Roark

William Pister (W)

The Google Home Trivia App is a reusable trivia game framework for American Printing House for the Blind that will use Google Home devices to teach visually impaired students orientation and mobility tips.

Team JDK

Jacob Jones (TL)

Donnie Sandlin (W)

Kotch Chapman

Farmhand: A mobile application to assist farmers by providing various important dates, times, and reminders, (frost dates, dusk and dawn times, moon cycles, personal reminders, animal feeding times, etc.), along with detailed weather information pulled from

Team Rocket

Spencer Gabhart (TL)

Brandon Laswell

Ryne Tate (W)

A console application (likely C#, ASP.Net) to assist auto mechanics in price reference for various repairs depending on make, model, year, and parts.